Gifts from an amazing friend

So, one of the wonderful things in life is getting to see people you love become awesome at something they truly enjoy. My friend Marina has become truly excellent at crochet in the last few years. She’s added works to the county and state fair, been commissioned to give them as gifts, and she has gifted me my absolute favorite blanket ever. But sometimes Marina gets inspired by crochet books or people she knows from Facebook and she likes to surprise people with her works of art.

I have not written enough about The Last Unicorn on this blog, but believe me when I say it was probably my first or second fandom ever and has never given up that place in my heart. So when she showed up one random Thursday with this…

Reader, I cried.

No, I did. And wouldn’t set her down for hours.

You understand now why I had to share it???

Look at her! She’s glorious!

As if that isn’t mind-blowing enough, a few weeks later, Marina came over again with a large box. Something else I haven’t talked about much on this blog is my love for the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. The Harper Hall trilogy was kind of my gateway out of regular books and into fantasy as a genre. It was similarly beloved by Sarah who read every book she could get in every library in Ohio.

And Marina made her a personal fire lizard…

Sarah did *not* cry because that’s not Sarah’s way, but her feelings were just the same. We have them both set up next to our TV now, which basically means we can see them from anywhere in the living room or kitchen. And we both find ourselves staring at them sometimes.

In terms of citations:

Both can be found as individual patterns for sale on Etsy or Ravelry. The unicorn is also available as a pattern in this book.

Marina herself doesn’t have a link to promote; this is just something she does for love. And I am permanently grateful to receive that love and all the beautiful things that come with it!