I’ll be honest…

…I’m tired as hell today. On Friday we drove to Chicago for Sarah to spend 2 days at the International Tea Festival. Sarah drinks tea. I do not. At all. It was great for her and our other friend to spend their 2 days in classes about the history of tea, tea culture, how to taste differences in teas, stuff about the chemistry of the leaves…I don’t even know what all. They sampled something like 30 kinds of tea each, bought tea, received tea merch, talked to experts, the whole thing.

I, on the other hand, stayed in the hotel room and wrote 13,000 words in 2 days.

We also got dinner both nights in Chinatown, and that was absolutely fantastic. DUMPLINGS, folks. DUMP. LINGS.


But then yesterday was the return trip, and due to Chicago traffic, weather, road construction, and the fact that the last class of the festival didn’t even end until a bit after 4pm, we got in right around midnight. And as much as I enjoy the long drives and the music and the chance to think, I am still hella tired.

So, I’m giving myself permission to be tired.

Next week — actual substantive update. Promise.

Until then, I leave you this because it made me laugh way too hard (beware slight spoilers for not-quite-the-end of Avengers: Endgame):


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  1. ahhh love me a good cup of tea AND history but i can absolutely understand an event like that boring someone less interested ♡

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