CONvergence 2016: Carol of the Spells

All the high soprano issues of “Kitty Love” plus faux-Latin!  Yay!

Actually, this is one of those songs I’m the most proud for having written.  “Carol of the Bells” is such an iconic piece, and I just wanted to get that rhythm to fit with the spells from Harry Potter.  It felt like such a weirdly natural fit — AND it gave me the chance to parody yet another overdone Christmas carol!

I did actually write an alto part for Sarah for this one, but what we learned was that this one is too hard to play on guitar for her to also get a whole bunch of Latin words crammed in there.  So it became a solo piece for now, anyway.  With very few spots to breathe, let me tell you!

This was the first time we’d ever performed that one, in public or otherwise.  We’ve only done it once since then — at a holiday-ish gig in December.  But the Harry Potter fans in the audience really seem to like it.  It’s another one that makes me wish I had any ability to create a music video, because that would be hilarious.  Spell-slinging in rhythm!

Spell singing in rhythm?

Okay, I’m done.  *Hides*

*Please note that this entry has been backdated.  Basically, the summer got completely away from me AND I lost access to posting on the site from the reliable computer I’d been using — and posting via smartphone is not as elegant as it sounds.  So, to make up for it, I’ve retroactively put this entry here.  Hopefully this won’t become an annual trend!