CONvergence 2016: Kitty Love

The special guest star who walked into the middle of the last one and then chatted with us at the start of this track is Justin Hartley who drums in a couple of bands with Dave Stagner and put down some of the drum tracks on our album, too.  At least four people in the front were TRYING to wave him away from walking in front of the camera, but eh.  I thought it was funny.

This is one of those songs that would be a lot more fun if I could put it to some kind of music video of cats doing cat things.  But my ability to video edit is literally what I have done putting these on YouTube.  So…probably not happening.  If anybody wants a good copy of the audio to do it for me, let me know!

Also, this is one of those songs that I don’t really like singing into a microphone.  Most of the songs Sarah writes are in her register; Sarah sings low alto.  Most pop songs are voiced for altos or mezzo-sopranos.  I can sing all those ranges just fine, but in choir I’m actually a high, high soprano.  And it breaks something in my brain when I have to sing a pop song with my soprano voice.  I was trained to sing Vivaldi and such, so it’s very difficult for me to sing high in my register but not classical-formal-proper.  Vivaldi never envisioned a song about a cat squashing frogs, I don’t think.  Anyway, I feel like microphones always exacerbate the weirdness of it, so I get a lot more nervous and I think I sing less well overall.  Give me rock and an alto part and I settle right in — singing high is something else.

Oh well.

*Please note that this entry has been backdated.  Basically, the summer got completely away from me AND I lost access to posting on the site from the reliable computer I’d been using — and posting via smartphone is not as elegant as it sounds.  So, to make up for it, I’ve retroactively put this entry here.  Hopefully this won’t become an annual trend!