Well, I was going to write something more substantive this week, but I’ve been battling the cold from hell for days and my creativity is dwelling somewhere between ‘nonexistent’ and ‘oh fuck no.’

So instead, I invite you to check out DJ Earworm!

Basically, this awesome and very talented person puts together incredibly intricate mashups of popular songs.  The United State of Pop has been an annual remix collection of the top 25 songs of the year going back to 2007.  Every one of them is worth watching.  Then there are the specials, the summer editions, and the thematic mashups.

Have you ever wanted to hear the Beatles, Diana Ross, U2, and Mariah Carey together?  Here you go!

What about a tribute to Annie Lennox?  Got it!

I pretty much listen to all of them as often as humanly possible until I can sing along.

There’s something for everyone and these tunes WILL get in your head.  He’s not called DJ Earworm for nothing!


(And hopefully next week I’ll have something more to say.  And less of a fever when I say it…)