New Song: Ode to Fanfiction

So, when I’m not writing original novels or fanfic novels, I’m often helping my awesome wife write music for our band, Candles Enough.  We only do a few gigs a year for various reasons, but music is too much a part of us not to be forever digging into that side of our creativity.  In future posts I’ll talk about already-posted songs and what they mean to me or the context for them.

For today, here is our newest song, “Ode to Fanfiction” in all its YouTube glory!

I told you I wasn’t going to be shy about the fanfic side of my writing, didn’t I?

The song is basically what it says on the tin — not a lot of hidden meanings here.  Though I will note that the reference to the show “Merlin” is purely for the benefit of one of my dearest friends who is a Murthur shipper to the end.  And I’ve never ever read (and never intend to read) anything from the Twilight ‘verse.  But I couldn’t not toss Sherlock and HP in there.  Couldn’t not.  And if you’ve seen either of my profiles under Mendeia and looked at my favorites, you can see why.

Also?  I can tell you that until I wrote that song, I genuinely could have bet I would go my entire life and never sing the phrase “omega m-preg”…probably ever.  But that’s the great thing about writing parodies — even I don’t know where the hell we’re going with it until we get there!

Everybody wave to Sarah on guitar, the BEST WIFE EVAR (™) who writes all our original melodies, most of the harmonies, figures out the key we both like in which to perform, bugs me about rhythmic accuracy until I stop trying to squeeze in AS-MANY-SYLLABLES-AS-FIT-ON-ONE-NOTE-AS-POSSIBLE, and dives into my craziest ideas with me with very little eye-rolling.

(She’s far more accomplished musically than I, which is fine — I’m burstingly proud of her for it — and she plays something like 20 instruments where all I can do is play hand-drums but only then if I’m not also singing.  She’s the real powerhouse behind our music — I’m just the wacky frontperson.)

Sarah’s a nerd in totally different ways from me, particularly in her adoration of history, but she loves my nerdity and I love hers and she lets me sing about mine a lot.  SHE IS BEST.

And hey — if you like our song, go share it!  First of all, it’s good for everyone to see someone dorkier than themselves just loving the thing they love; I think it helps people find the freedom to embrace whatever it is they would adore but for Evil Pressures of Society of Cool People.  Second, yeah, we get paid.  Like…… $0.0000000000000001 for a view maybe.

Woo……the weight of wealth…….we can almost buy a stamp……


We’ll be singing this song live at CONvergence in Bloomington, MN over July 4th weekend, so if you’re local or if you’re at Con, come see us!