Welcome, friends!

I am a fantasy author living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife and two adorably troublesome cats who enjoy popping into Zoom calls uninvited. When I am not working on my next writing project, I help run a local SF/F convention while wearing fabulous cosplay. My wife and I can also be found around the Twin Cities performing music together, but only once every blue moon or so. 

(I also have a boring day job. But you’re not here for that.)

Here I am in 2022 fully geared up in one of my cosplays for that year’s convention:

Me wearing a tiara with a moon on it perched on a crown of braids, red long-sleeved shirt, underbust corset, and golden shoulder armor that looks like dragon scales joined in front with a golden crescent moon.

Since you’ve found your way to my hidey-hole on the internet, it either means you are here about my writing, my convention, or maybe you’ve seen my cats on social media. They’re the real stars of the show, after all.

Meet Kiba, the tubby part-Siamese who is noisy and demands pets hourly; and Tadashi, the meddlesome tuxedo who plays fetch and head-butts you in the nose hard enough to make your eyes water. I love them completely even when they’re waking me up in the night knocking things over and yowling the cries of their people.

Like many authors, everything I write would have been done faster without their help. But maybe not without their snuggles!

I’m delighted to have you in my circle for however long you choose to say. It’s only slightly chaotic around here, but that’s part of the fun, right? Leave me a comment on my blog to say hi or sign up for my (very irregular) newsletter to keep in touch!